The distance consolidation of collaborative projects along with new ways of creating content is one of the many outcomes of the “new normal” the pandemic has set for us, This is how, towards the end of 2019, DPM was born and grew throughout the lockdown. DPM Band is an electronic duo that consists of Andres Markman, composer and music producer, and actor, director, performer and singer-songwriter Diego Poupin. They went to school together and attended organ lessons until the age of 12, in their home country of Chile but later grew apart. Three decades later, Andres from New York and Diego from London met again online and merged into this project that overcame distance and united talent by being carried out entirely in a remote setting. Their body of work has been curated in 6 unreleased EP’s Being EP Vol1. Alpha (synthpop with layers of electronica) EP Vol.2 Beta (more experimental and progressive) EP Vol.3 GAMA (electronic pop with some house music flavours) EP Vol.4 Delta (more alternative and with a post punk vibe) EP Vol.5 EP Epsilon (an electronic trip-hop kind of vibe)  and EP Vol.6 Zeta  (more downtempo).

DPM’s short documentary Hoy To Form A Band in a Pandemic has been nominated for best short documentary at Osaka International Film Festival, Finalist at Buenos Aires International Film Festival Channel BUEIFF and official selection at Marbella International Film Festival and London’s First Directors LIFT Festival. To see electronic press kit visit DPM EPK or visit

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