Dear Johnny



Thanks for letting me share my work with you. Was great talking to you today.  As you can see I am taking every opportunity to get some feedback from scene and industry people to move this project forward. My primary school bestie Andres Markmann (who lives in NYC) and I, lost contact for more than 30 years and we found each other on social media (just over a year ago) and started this remote collaboration. 


We want to develop a brand somehow and most importantly, to be realistic. To set targets that we can actually achieve. We are very reluctant at this point to publish, distribute or self-promote. We are just starting to find our sound (I think ) and our identity. We write songs every day like mad.


Perhaps with your experience and expertise, you can provide us with some feedback. We want this material to be appealing for DJs. DPM is all about collaborations and we have started that journey already with friends and musicians popping into the studio with us. We want every release to have its radio edit, an acoustic/unplugged version, and a HOUSE  or TECH HOUSE REMIX. We are applying for every possible funding opportunity in Chile (or hometown), the UK, and the US so we can pay musicians and DJs. That is one clear and ultimate goal. 


In the meantime, we would like to find a DJ that would be interested in our stuff so we can get those tracks ready for a slow and steady release plan.  Curate it well in places such as Beatport. I made a playlist for you with a selection of tracks that I think have potential for remix and dancefloors. But your views are much appreciated. Please be as honest and brutal as you like with the feedback. I would appreciate that. I'm not precious about any track and all is being tested in the lab.

We have curated our one year’s work in 5 EPs containing 5 original tracks and 2 bonus tracks each. We invite you to check them out on our website. ALPHA - is more pop/rock with layers of electronica, BETA - more experimental and dark with a synth-wave vibe.  GAMA -more synth-pop with some house music flavours). DELTA -more alternative and punky). EPSILON - bit more tribal?.... You can also find out a bit more about our story and journey, see live streams footage and visual work in a mini-documentary I’m putting together: “How To Form a Band during A Pandemic  - The World is My Stage”. In three episodes of 5 minutes each. The password is 'run'.

I think that RUN is our best track so far for releasing (from a songwriting perspective). And I'm looking for a remix kinda in the style of Sommervile’s ‘Small Town Boy’ - in the style of some uplifting funky house remix that I may have given my soul and heart on the dancefloor back in the early ’90s..However, I think our best House track is either “LOOKDOWN” or “MAKE YOU MINE AGAIN". From a production perspective perhaps “I Will Not Forget The Way You Made Me Feel That Night I Lost Consciousness - Turning & Burning”, is our best-achieved production.  (Yes, long name. LOL). Your views are so welcome. We want OCEANICA to be rocking Buda Lounges in Spain...Yeah Right ...LOL

If you got to this point, all I can say is 'thank you' for reading and listening. Have a great holiday and see you back at FB PRU. A great place to be. I’m looking forward to hearing your honest feedback and maybe point me out in the right direction. Also looking forward to working with you on getting young people in school.


All the best...truly grateful


Diego Poupin


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