About Run

Highly influenced by the nostalgia of our teenage  years and the impact of early nineties rock and pop in out lives with bands such as Soul Asylum, with  the song Run Away Train. Or with Pearl Jam's Jeremy. Songs that told stories  of children who are outcasts or have somewhat been marginalised from society or, what today would be regarded as victims of 'sexual exploitation' or 'bullying', terminology that back then was not being used widely. 

We also wanted to bring back the sounds of the 80’s influenced by the emotional memory of tracks such as Jimmi Somerville’s Small-town Boy.

When Markmann and I (DP) re-encountered over a year ago, after three decades of losing complete contact, this song became for us like a cinematic anachronism of us being besties in primary school where we attended organ lessons , relocating to NYC and London respectively to pursue our dreams, and now, since November 2019  to re-encounter to collaborate in an entirely remote setting.